50 placements 🙏

It's been almost 3 months since we last sent you an email. We've dropped the ball, but for a (good) reason: we've been terribly busy growing! For transparency, here you have the investor updates we've sent over the last few months: March, April, May.

We've hit a cool milestone: crossed our 50th person working in the Remotely Network. And also are close to having hit our 1st year since our first placement (in July 2020). We felt it was a great moment to stop and reflect on the progress made and the state of Remotely.

In a year we've gone from tapping in our network, hoping we would place 3 of our connections in 3 companies in a quarter, to a relatively robust sourcing+vetting+matching process:

  • We have scalable email, ad, and referral campaigns generating hundreds of developer applicants per week.

  • We have a small (yet mighty!) talent team that vets and matches developers with talent.

  • We have semi-automated processes and systems that allow our team to process increasingly higher numbers of applicants every month.

  • We have a fully functioning and deployed data edge (gitsight.com) that makes us uniquely positioned to identify and attract great talent. As a result, we have expanded from a focus on Argentina (where our personal talent network was) to include both LATAM and Canada.

  • We have implemented a referral program for both the talent supply and the customer demand. All our customers are referrals.

  • We have created a cheap, yet scalable system to process payments for everyone at Remotely.

It is just incredible to think that you can have a marketplace with an annualized transactional value (GMV) of $3M with a small team, a modular yet powerful tech stack, on the verge of profitability.

What's next? we will continue to work hard towards making our processes more scalable, improve the experience we give our customers and our talent, bridging the gap preventing opportunities from crossing borders. We are a speckle in an ocean: the demand is bigger than we will ever be able to provide for, and we remain confident great talent can be found anywhere.